About Us

Youth Catalyst started in 2018 during the threat of cuts to Hounslow Councils Youth Service. To combat the reduction in services to young people Youth Catalyst was born to help support the young people and familes  in the Feltham and Hanworth part of the Borough. 

Since then we have provided a wide range of services and activities for countless young people and families. We have also supported local community events such as Feltham Fete, Pulse Youth Club and many more. 

Lockdown did not stop us from providing support for young people when we provided food parcels to families and also hosted weekly Zooms to bring young people together, help them feel less alone and also provide a sense of normality during a time of uncertainty. 

Most recently we have developed our school holiday to be the only provision across Hounslow Borough to provide activities for young people over the weekend. Not only that but we also have been taking young people across London to get a taste of the amazing city they live in but also to create unforgettable memories for young people.